Returning to Work in Construction - Levelling with your Team

Returning to work, conveying your company’s dedication to safety, and showcasing you’re ready are difficult feats brought to safety managers as of late. With the construction sector now opening, it begs the question our front-line workforce now asks: Is it really safe?

Addressing this is key to ensuring your workforce sees your dedication to safety and believes they have the right equipment to feel protected on the job site. Our Founder and North American President, Adrian Bartha, will outline tactics in addressing your front-line workforce and their safety concerns in this 45-minute webinar with the League of Champions.


Webinar_LP_Graphics_Adrian_V3.png Adrian Bartha is the Founder of eCompliance and President of the North American arm of Alcumus. Previously, Adrian was an investment professional for a $5 billion private equity firm investing in energy and infrastructure projects across North America and a management consultant with McKinsey & Company in the United States serving Fortune 500 companies and government leaders. Combining his background in finance with his knowledge of health and safety, Adrian has begun educating professionals on how to demonstrate a return on safety, using language to resonate with high level executives, and how continuous improvement can be leveraged as a competitive advantage. He is a graduate of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

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