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Internal Audit Ready

Get COR Internal Audit Ready!

Watch the second webinar in our Conquering COR series to learn why observations, interviews, and documentation need to play an integral role in preparing for an internal COR audit.


Webinar_LP_Graphics_Adrian_V3.png Adrian Bartha is the CEO of eCompliance, currently monitoring over 300 companies that are using eCompliance every day across their workforce. eCompliance safety software has enabled companies to conduct over 15,000+ management system audits since 2007.

Stewart V2.png Stewart Day is the Corporate Safety Manager of Amico Affiliates, a COR-Certified construction company in Ontario, Canada. Stewart brings a wealth of safety experience and brings a passion for enhancing the safety of the people and culture around him.


Scott.png Scott Needs is a COR Consultant with the IHSA. With 8+ years of experience, Scott focuses on developing sustainable OHS programs by working with companies to identify areas of improvement within their Health and Safety programs.



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