How to Demonstrate the Return on Safety to Executives

As safety executives, we understand the substantial value created by maintaining strong EHS practices across the organization.

However, it is often difficult to effectively communicate the interrelationship between safety activities and the business goals to C-Level executives. This white paper written by our CEO, Adrian Bartha, will:

  • Illustrate why an in-depth understanding of the interconnection between the business and OHS functions is critical to an OHS professional’s success
  • Discuss the most common personal and organizational obstacles faced when communicating the business value of OHS to the rest of the company
  • Provide an OHS business value framework to help communicate 2-3 business levers to focus on within the company
  • Provide methods for tracking long-term OHS business value metrics
  • Provide communication tips for the business value-orientated OHS initiatives to other managers, executives or owners in the company.

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