Hazard Assessment Overview

Hazard assessments aren't just a legal requirement, they play a crucial role in workplace health and safety. Formal hazard assessments give your safety department the opportunity to analyze and identify all the hazards facing all workers across your organization and put controls in place to mitigate these hazards.

They present the opportunity to communicate hazards and controls across your entire organization and encourage worker participation by including those with the best insight into hazards (your workers) in the process.

The "Hazard Assessment Overview" document will go over the three most common types of hazard assessments: formal job hazard assessment, project hazard assessments and daily and/or site hazard assessments and will cover:

  • The benefits of hazard assessments

  • Who should participate and when you should complete each type of hazard assessment

  • Step-by-step process for completing hazard assessments using eCompliance's free hazard assessment module →

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