COVID-19 Return to Work: Are We Ready?

For those navigating new work environments, it will be difficult to get started. You may ask: “Do I have everything I need? Am I missing a step?” Don’t worry, we’re all asking the same questions. To get you fully prepared, we've created exclusive resources and we’re giving you free access.

Here's what you’ll receive:

1. COVID-19 Return to Work Webinar (Part 1, 2 and 3)

Part 1:
We sat down with the Director of Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality at Spark Power Corp., Matt James and discussed solutions for creating a safe working environment during a pandemic.

Part 2:
We sat down with Morgan Kellet, Manager of Health, Safety, Environment & Training at K-Line Maintenance & Construction Ltd. Morgan shares how the role of a safety leader has changed, how he's keeping his team up-to-date, how to successfully return to work, and much more.

Part 3:
We addressed the topic of mental health in the workplace. Industry experts shared their most important considerations, what's worked well for their teams and key insights to create a safe environment for their workers, both mentally and physically.

2. Safety Best Practices from the World's Top Safety Leaders
Access crowd-sourced tips and tricks from premier safety leaders across North America to strengthen your safety program. (This crowd-sourced document also allows you to share your personal tips & tricks)

3. Return-To-Work Guide to Success
Download this guide and customize it to fit your business needs: get a curated Health & Safety inspection checklist, a workplace Health & Safety inspection action summary, and a COVID-19 risk assessment.

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