Mitigating Reputational Risk With Increased Safety Performance

What’s the most valuable asset to your business?
If you answered reputation, you’re correct!

Developing trust and building a strong reputation has become
more important than ever in an increasingly competitive landscape.
A 2014 study from Deloitte found that almost 90% of executives rate reputational risk as more important than other strategic risks that
their companies face. But how do you mitigate reputation risk?


Webinar_LP_Graphics_Josh_V5.png Josh LeBrun, President & COO of eCompliance, a leading provider of EHS management solutions designed to improve worker participation in safety. With over 500 clients across the manufacturing, construction & energy industries, Josh has seen firsthand the best practices that shape a strong safety culture.

Webinar_LP_Graphics_Davide_V5.png Davide Vassallo, is the Global Practice Leader at DuPont Sustainable Solutions. His areas of expertise include sustainability strategy, climate change, energy and eco-efficiency, local content development, and capability building.

Join Davide Vassallo, as he shares his thoughts on how safety plays a key role in risk management. He will also discuss the use of technology and share risk management best practices that will help lead your organization to improved safety performance.

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