How to Build a High Participation Safety Culture

 “Everyone is doing safety, every single day.” That’s the easiest way to describe a High Participation Safety Culture. But getting there is anything but easy. As massive safety nerds, eCompliance has done extensive research to prove the impact that high safety participation has on your workplace incidents and injuries.

In this video Josh LeBrun defines exactly what safety participation really is and what a poor safety culture looks like. He then further elaborates on the relationship between high participation and improved safety performance. Finally, he dives into the five steps toward building a strong safety culture. 


Webinar_LP_Graphics_Josh_V5.pngJosh LeBrun, of eCompliance, a leading provider of EHS management solutions designed to improve worker participation in safety. With over 500 clients across the manufacturing, construction & energy industries, Josh has seen firsthand the best practices that shape a strong safety culture.

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