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We provide technology solutions, support, and guidance to help minimize risks and manage safety from the field to the office. We want to ensure people are kept safe, risks are reduced, and processes are simplified through our expert teams and technology.

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in injury rates with eCompliance



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Mitigate Safety Risks. Reduce Incidents. Navigate Compliance.

Simplify employee safety and deliver better results with Alcumus eCompliance safety management solution. Drive safety performance, strengthen safety culture, and empower your front-line workforce with this easy-to-use mobile app that centralizes your entire safety program, including your data - giving you real-time visibility into safety performance.

With eCompliance you can achieve:

  • 25 days average time to value
  • 90% increase in worker participation within the first 12 months
  • $2-6 return on every $1 dollar spent on safety and injury prevention
  • 60% reduction in injury rates seen over 24 months of software implementation

Prevent Critical Equipment Failures. Reduce Liability.

Achieve safety excellence with Alcumus Field iD, a digital safety software solution that simplifies asset inspection. Deliver better results with 360 access to data, using our powerful reporting functionality. This user-friendly mobile app helps manage asset inspection across a multitude of sites, ensuring your assets are tracked, serviced, and maintained to deliver a safer work environment.

Interesting insights include:

  • 10k total users using Field iD
  • 30 days average time to value
  • 8m total assets inspected using Field iD

Reduce Risk with Contractor Compliance and a Streamlined Safety Program.

For Hiring Clients: Simplify contractor safety management and connect with trusted contractors using Alcumus ContractorCheck. Streamline finding, accrediting, and managing contractors with a data-centric approach to ensure compliance and mitigate risk.

For Contractors: Save time, reduce risk, and prioritize safety with an Alcumus ContractorCheck accreditation. Centralize documents, standardize safety programs, streamline compliance, and reach new clients.

Expect results:

  • Access to thousands of contractors in our database
  • On average, contractors are connected with 2 clients in the portal
  • We accredit over 270 work activities, and counting

Helping Organizations become Safer, Healthier and Stronger

On a mission to protect 5 million workers from workplace incidents by 2025.