4 Success Factors
For Modern Hazard Management

Formal job hazard assessments, project hazard assessments and daily/site hazard assessments play a crucial role in workplace safety. They present the opportunity for executives to define the risk in a quantifiable way.

They allow safety professionals to evaluate all of the potential risks facing all of their employees and put controls in place to mitigate risk, and they give onsite workers the opportunity to participate in risk control and take ownership over safety.


Webinar_LP_Graphics_Adrian_V5.png Adrian Bartha is the CEO of eCompliance, currently monitoring over 300 companies that are using eCompliance every day across their workforce. eCompliance safety software has enabled companies to conduct over 15,000+ management system audits since 2007.

Webinar_LP_Graphics_Carson_V5.png Carson Powell is the Owner & President of AudEng International, a multifaceted health & safety consulting company with a focus on COR, OHSAS and ISO auditing. He is also a certified external auditor that carries a CRSP designation through the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals.

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