Building The Business Case For Mobile App Safety Technology

This webinar is geared towards helping safety professionals build the business case for technology in the workplace to ensure they're maximizing their level of efficiency and working towards building a sustainable safety program driven by continuous improvement.


Webinar_LP_Graphics_Jerry_V5.png  Jerry is the Safety Director for the Washington, D.C.
Chapter, NECA. He has over 15 years of experience within
the construction industry. He was recently appointed by
the assistant secretary of labor to serve on the OSHA
Advisory Committee.

Countless software and apps exist on both the smartphone and tablet platforms to help safety professionals coordinate every aspect of their on-site jobs. However, often times, getting buy-in from other members of the organization can be challenging. As a safety professional, you may question how to integrate technology to create an all-encompassing incident tracking, investigation and training system for your safety department.

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